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Коды ошибок Коды ошибок копировальных аппаратов Xerox
Xerox 5328
A1Document in ADF
A1-8Main board received reset signal
A2ADF jams
A6ADF registration jam
A7ADF interlock
A9Tray 1 jam
C1Tray 2 jam
C2Tray 3 jam
C3Bypass feed jams
C4Machine has reset
E1-5Clamshell interlock
E1-6Right side interlock
E1-7Two tray interlock, or duplex interlock
E1-8Sorter interlock
E1-9Copy cartridge interlock
E1 or E1-0Registration jam
E2Reset signal happened
E3Jam in transfer area
E4Exit jam
E4-0Exit jam
E4-5Clamshell interlock
E4-6Right side interlock
E4-7Two tray interlock
E4-8Sorter interlock
E4-9Copy cartridge interlock
E5Clamshell interlock
E6Right side interlock
E9Copy cartridge interlock
F3-1Sorter bin home switch
F3-2Sorter cam switch
F3-3Sorter cam switch
F5Sorter interlock
J1-1Add toner
J1-2Temporary low toner signal
J2-1, J2-2Replace copy cartridge
J5, J6ADF to machine communications problem
L22000 copies left on cartridge
L3ADF to machine communications problem
L4(flashing) 1000 copier left on fuser web
L6Auditron or other counter problem
LLMain board. Try simulation 1.1 to initialize
rcWrong operation panel installed
rrBad EPROM on main board. Try 1.1
U0Main board
U2Scan problem
U2-1Scan home
U2-2Scan home or scan encoder
U2-4Scan home or scan dual page sensor
U2-7Scan home
U4-1Fuser problem. Long warm up
U4-2Low fuser temperature after warm up
U4-3High fuser temperature
U4-4Open fuser thermistor
U4-6Replace fuser web.
U4-7Thermistor signal problem
U7-1Copy cartridge belt drive problem
U9-3Exposure lamp problem
U9-4Toner motor
U9-5Problem in warm-up

Xerox 5330
A1-1 to A1-32All indicate a paper path problem, etc. in the ADF.
A2ADF exit problems
A3Irregular size documents
A5ADF interlock
A6ADF single sheet document reset.
A7Platen interlock
A8ADF exit interlock
C1Tray 1 jam
C2Tray 2 jam
C3Tray 3 jam
C6-1, C6-2Jams related to duplex
C6-3Registration sensor, re tray 1
C7-1, C7-2HCF feed problems
C7-3Tray 1 feed problem
C8Paper stays in tray or duplex or HCF
C9Bypass feed problem
E1-10 to E1-25Internal jam
E1-6Paper on registration sensor
E2Reset signal happened. Might read E-2 something else.
E3-30 to E4-14Exit jam
E3-6Exit jam
E4-10 to E4-14Inverter sensor not actuated.
E4-15Inverter sensor
E4-40 to E4-45Duplex entry sensor
E4-6Inverter sensor
E5Front door interlock
E6-1Tray 1 interlock
E6-22 tray or duplex interlock
E6-3HCF interlock
E7-2, E7-3Duplex interlock
E8-6 to E8-15Duplex entry sensor
F1-1Sorter entry sensor
F1-6Sorter exit sensor
F3Paper size not available for sort/stack
F5Sorter interlock
J1Add toner
J3Replace copy cartridge
J7Replace copy cartridge
J8-1Wrong copy cartridge installed
J8-2Copy cartridge EEPROM
L6Auditron or other counter problem
L8Platen glass temperature is too high
L9Communication problem between interimage erase/edge lamps and main board
U1-1Main motor drive problem
U2-1 to U2-4Scan home sensor
U3-1Lens sensor
U4-1Open fuser thermistor
U4-2Fuser did not warm up properly
U4-3Fuser temperature too high
U4-4Fuser problem. Staying on too long
U4-6High fuser temperature
U5-1Sorter bin home switch not activated
U5-2Sorter bin home switch stayed actuated
U5-3Sorter bin home switch
U5-4Sorter bin home switch
U6-1ROM problem
U6-2RAM problem
U6-3Low battery
U6-4Incorrect value in NVM. Reinitialize main board with code 20-96
U8-1 to U8-6Problem with exposure lamp, lamp sensor, lamp board

Xerox 5340, 5343
00-009; 030 to 033A door was opened while paper was being fed
00-047Paper in duplex
00-2Diagnostic error
00-3Faults error
00-4Ric error
00-5Job manager system error
00-6LLM interface
00-7Standby error
00-8Communications error
00-9Xerographic error
01-300Front interlock
01-310Right upper interlock
01-315Left upper interlock
01-320Left lower interlock
01-325Fuser interlock
02-910Key counter missing
02-920Wrong combination of accessories
03-321, 322, 326, 327LLM to ISIL communications problems
03-328IOT communications problem with duplex or tray 4
03-330IOT communications problems with HCF
03-335, 03-336LLM communications problems with edit
03-340NVM memory
03-341, 03-347Communications problems between IOT and sorter
03-350, 03-354Communications problem with LLM and user interface
03-363, 03-364Communications problem between LLM & optics
03-370, 03-373Communications problem between LLM & DADF
03-380, 384 
03-416, 03-422RAM memory problem
03-424, 426NVM memory problem
03-430, 432Billing problem
03-439GRAIB communications problem
03-440RIC communications problem
03-441RIC NVM problem
03-443, 03-458RIC problems
03-460Serial communications processor problem
04-300Main motor or drive problem
05-100, 05-108DADF registration sensor
05-110DADF exit sensor
05-115, 120DADF jams
05-305DADF document drive
05-310, 312DADF document sensor
05-316DADF registration sensor jam
05-325DADF exit sensor
05-335, 341, 345DADF interlock switches
06-300, 06-310Scan problems
06-315Scan drive
06-320A, 320B, 320C, 325Scan problem
06-330Lens drive
06-340Exposure control problem
06-342LLM CPU problem
06-344, 06-350Exposure cvontrol problem
06-352IOT CPU problem
07-300, 315, 330, 345Tray faults
07-360, 07-370HCF problems
07-375, 380A, 380BDuplex problems
08-100, 08-110Feed problems. Lead edge of copy paper is late getting to feed sensor of tray 1
08-115, 08-162Feed problem. Lead edge of copy paper is late getting to registration sensor
08-165Paper jam at registration sensor
08-310, 08-370Paper at a sensor when power is turned on
08-330DADF nudger sensor
08-380Registration side to side problem with home position
09-300Copy cartridge finished (drum unit)
09-310Add black toner Add color toner
09-320Add color toner
09-330Wrong copy cartridge (wrong drum unit)
09-340Drum cartridge not installed properly
09-350Waste toner full
100A fault has occurred
10-100Exit jam
10-105Exit jam
10-110Vertical sensor jam
10-120, 122, 125Duplex jam
10-150, 155Too much or not enough paper in duplex tray
10-300Fuser thermistor
10-302Low fuser temperature
10-304Bad fuser temp
10-308High fuser temperature or open thermistor
10-310High fuser temperature
10-312Fuser not up to temperature after energy save
10-314Fuser problem
10-320Fuser web finished
10-330, 335, 340Exit switch, vertical sensor switch actuated when power is turned on
11-100, 11-116Sorter jam
11-150, 11-176Sorter auto stapler jam
11-310, 314, 316Sorter interlock
11-325A, B, C, D, E, F, GSorter index
11-352, 354, 356Sorter auto stapler interlocks
11-365A, B, C, D, ESorter auto stapler bin
11-370, 371, 372A, 373A, 373B, 374Sorter auto stapler staple failure, staple home problem or tamper home problem
11-385A, 385B, 390A,B,C,D,E, 396ASorter auto stapler staple failure, staple home problem or tamper home problem
301Fuser web must be replaced
302Copy cartridge (drum unit) must be replaced
501Tray 1 must be rebuilt
502Tray 2 must be rebuilt
503Tray 3 must be rebuilt
504Tray 4 must be rebuilt
505HCF must be rebuilt
506Bypass must be rebuilt
507Duplex unit must be rebuilt
508Replace black developer
509Replace red developer
510Replace green developer
512Replace brown developer
513Copy cartridge (drum unit) will need replacing soon
514Fuser web will need replacing soon
515DADF belt should be replaced
516DADF feed rollers should be replaced
517Replace exposure lamp
518Replace suction filter
519Replace ozone filter
520Replace optics filter
521Replace particle filter
522Replace upper fuser roller
523Replace fuser pawls
524Replace pressure roller
525Replace pressure roller pawls
900-905Key operator calls

Xerox 5345
Код ошибкиОписание
01-01Frequency monitoring and zero cross problem
01-03AC power problem
01-04Finisher interlock
01-0524v problem
03-01Optics to main board communication problem
03-02Software reset problem
03-03Could be punched holes in the lead edge of the original
03-04Software problem
03-06Low battery
03-07NVM not initialized or is missing or defective
03-17Communication problem between main board and finisher board
03-18Initializes one NVM counter to agree to others
03-19All three NVM counter to agree with others
03-20Main board/interface board problems
03-21Problem with RIC NVM
03-22RIC modem problem
03-23RIC real time clock failure.
03-25RIC NVM problem or not initialized
03-27NVM problem
03-28Watchdog software problem
03-29Microprocessor crystal not at correct frequency
03-30No software response from finisher after 20 seconds have elapsed
06-01Lens did not reach 1.1 position
06-021/2 rate scanner problem
06-03Scan home problem
06-04Scan home problem
06-05Scan home problem
06-06Scan encoder
06-07Scan encoder
06-08Scan drive boost
06-09Scan encoder
06-11Scan encoder pulse phases
06-12Insufficient scan damping
07-01Duplex tray not home during duplexing
07-02Tray 2 not home when selected
07-13Tray 2 height sensor problem
07-15Tray 2 empty
07-16Tray 1 door open
07-18Tray 1 stack sensor
07-22Tray 1 empty
07-26Tray 1 bypass switch actuated too long
07-27Tray 1 bypass switch deactuated too early
07-30Paper in duplex
07-31Paper in duplex
07-32Duplex tray empty, when paper should be there
08-10Paper did not reach tray 2 input tray sensor
08-11Paper did not reach duplex input sensor
08-12Paper did not reach tray 1
08-14Paper did not leave tray 2 input sensor quickly enough
08-18Trail edge did not reach tray 2 input sensor quickly enough
08-19Trail edge did not reach tray 1 input sensor quickly enough
08-20Paper in duplex
08-21Paper in tray 2 input
08-22Paper in tray 2 or duplex at wrong time
08-23Paper at tray 1 input at wrong time
08-24Paper in tray 1 at wrong time
08-28Upper and lower nips problem
09-08Low toner condition
09-12Drum signals are out of range
09-13Unstable drum patch readings
09-15Patch is too dark
09-16Patch is too light
09-17Open toner container access cover
09-18Low toner level
09-21Low toner sensor disconnected
09-22Low toner condition, even after machine has been theoretically, adding toner
10-02Low fuser temperature
10-03High fuser temperature
10-06Paper did not reach out put switch
10-07Paper stayed on output switch
10-10Paper did not reach decurler sensor
10-11Paper did not reach decurler sensor
10-12Paper on decurler sensor
10-13Paper did not reach duplex entry sensor in time
10-14Paper did not reach duplex entry sensor in time
10-15Paper on entry sensor at wrong time
10-17Fuser temperature is too high and fuser relay has deactuated
12-01Paper at finisher input sensor
12-02Paper did not reach finisher
12-03Paper reached finisher too soon
12-05Paper at stapler
12-06Paper at stapler
12-07Paper did not reach stapler
12-08Paper did not reach stapler
12-10Complied motor not working properly
12-15Eject motor problem and/or eject encoder
12-20Stacker motor problem
12-21Stacker interlock
12-22Stacker bottom sensor
12-23Stacker bottom sensor
12-24Stacker bottom sensor senses full
12-25Stack height sensor
12-26Stack height sensor
12-27Stack height sensor
12-30Offset home sensor
12-31Offset home sensor
12-32OCT switch
12-35Eject nip carriage
12-36Eject cam interlock
12-37Eject nip carriage open timing
12-38Eject cam interlock
12-40Tamper motor
12-41Tamper home problem
12-42Tamper home sensor
12-43Staple load sensor
12-44Tamper home sensor
12-45Tamper home sensor
12-50Low on staples
12-51Stapler home sensor
12-52Stapler home sensor
12-53Eject cam interlock
33-37Too few documents
55-01RDH interlock switch open during use
55-04Paper on bypass sensor
55-05Paper at vacuum timing sensor
55-06Paper on output sensor
55-10No paper reached S31
55-20Paper did not leave S31 at correct time
55-24Set counter arm problem
55-25Documents in input tray not detected
55-27Lead edge did not reach S35 at correct time
55-2955-30Trail edge did not reach S35 at correct time
55-31S32, ADF registration sensor did not see paper at correct time
55-32S32 did not see trail edge at correct time
55-33S36 One too many documents
55-36One too many documents
55-39Hole count problem on document feeder belt
55-40Document belt travel problem
55-41Document belt mistracking or skewing
55-45Paper at inverter sensor
55-47Inverter sensor did not see paper lead edge at correct time
55-49More than 50 sheets in input tray
55-50Right side interlock
55-51Left side interlock
55-55Document on glass
93-93NVM has to be initialized after new software installed
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